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April 1, 2012

Against Evolution

Doubt all accounts that smack of unilinear progress, whether from biologists, theologians or humanists. Retell their stories as messy differentiations.

Neither have lower lifeforms evolved into higher ones, nor are we humans their culmination: all forms of life still exist; higher species have not replaced lower ones but merely added to them.

Our view of God has not progressively refined itself over the ages. New gods and ideals have demultiplied, but rarely do the old ones die out: we still sacrifice people to God; we still worship mute, lifeless objects; we still preach apocalypses and mythical beginnings; we still punish sinners.

Our knowledge and wealth have increased exponentially, but many still live and think (happily perhaps) as some already did eons, millenia, centuries or decades ago. The poor and simple never disappear — it is only that others leave them ever further behind.