Kind aliens

The prophet sat under a tree in the park with a dog’s collar strapped around es neck, watching people stroll by as they walked their pets. If someone was curious enough to question e, the prophet would reply:

When aliens land on earth, they will be the kindest of beings. Infinitely smarter than any creature on our planet, they nevertheless at times will take a liking to some of us humans — though the objects of their attentions will have not the ghost of a fighting chance. The aliens will be gigantic. Not one, but many ancient species long ago intertwined into symbiotic conglomorates of unimaginable intellectual and sensory abilities. So many brains, limbs, skins, eyes and tubes working together. When an alien settles upon someone it fancies, it will deploy an innumerable array of seductions, adjusting every detail of its interactions to appeal to that person’s feelings, emotions, smell, touch, vision or intellect. Each alien will carefully provide just enough information to steer the human’s thoughts, say exactly the right thing to swell es desire, preemt new decisions long before they rise to consciousness. No human being will avoid falling madly and irreversibly in love with es alien suitor, desiring and willing nothing else than to make it — and hence eself — happy. And so, these few humans will gladly leave their peers behind, and run off to the stars after their superior lovers.

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