Right Speech

An eager peasant journeyed from a distant land to hear the Buddha speak, but when e arrived 10,000 Bodhisattvas were already sitting at the Master’s feet, so e crouched down behind the last of the disciples, almost out of earshot. When the Buddha said “There is no self” the peasant heard “Know thyself!” and immediately left for the forest where e meditated 10 years long on every subtle movement within es soul.

When e returned, 100,000 Bodhisattvas had assembled around the Enlightened One and e could hear even less. So as the Buddha expounded on the causes of suffering, the peasant understood one ought to study the nature of causes, and returning to the forest, for 10 more years e examined the minutest transformations of es soul.

The third time e sought the Buddha, 1,000,000 Bodhisattvas surrounded the Teacher of Dharma, and so the peasant made out but two words: “loving kindness”, yet left in despair not knowing to which of es 100 different loves and 1000 forms of kindness the Buddha referred.

Many years later a travelling monk brought back news of a distant land where everyone from the youngest babe to the most hardened criminal had become perfectly happy saints because a simple peasant upon returning from a long trip had spoken a single word to one of the guards at the border.

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