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June 30, 2012

Think of the economy as the unconscious, government as the superego, and the ego as something that does not yet exist.

June 9, 2012

An allegory of the Christian faith

Your soul must accept that it was conceived and birthed in your body, through language or culture, by an alien power. It has grown up, becoming strong and knowledgeable, having learned to live well in this world. But now it must die. It must submit to the will of its creator and be violently torn from all its desires, emotions, feelings, wills and thoughts, from everything it was. It must pass through the excruciating pain of surrendering its own craven existence and agree to be destroyed. When its final clinging fear has been crucified, when it has lain dead and absolutely empty, then it will be raised up by the same power that created it. And so it will realize that you are the multitude that conceived your soul and at the same time its newest member: a liberated, immensely more powerful person.

June 2, 2012

The whole truth

When a gaggle of scientists whined to the prophet about his invectives and proffered a petition signed by ninety-nine laurates, he thanked them profusely, explaining that he had just run out of paper with which to wipe his ass! Then, struck by a sudden compassion, he told them this story:

A young man stumbled upon an antique shop whose owner managed to sell him a rusty contraption for all the money he had, which, the salesman claimed, if wound up and properly used, would spell out a short correct answer to any question he might pose.

The pitch was true, and soon the young man was the talk of the town. When a girl was poisoned while playing with frogs, he proudly read off the only cure. And when the clouds gathered but would not quite rain, again the new hero sprouted an answer. So when a poor man came crying that the little wealth he owned had been stolen, no one was surprized to be immediately given the criminal’s name.

Of course, one of the princes eventually heard of these goings on and summoned the soothsayer, asking to ascend his father’s throne as quickly as possible. And sometime later, when the queen mother wished to bear her son a sister, she also was given a formula to just the right potion. But when a few elders politely inquired how they might pacify the town’s riff-raff, the eager young man once again consulted his device and proposed the easiest solution. As the pestilence reached its peak, the common folk dragged the innocent man from his home, gouged his eyes with his contraption, and ceremoniously tossed him out of the city.