A new moon

When the cult of the moon died out, the astral body became despondent and went into mourning for centuries. One day, however, she finally pulled herself together and looked up a market analyst in the yellow pages. The consultant was adamant: You have great skills. Sex and fertility never go out of style. But you’re definitively in the wrong industry. No one is interested in farming or rearing children anymore. You must re-invent yourself! One thing people still haven’t figured out is how to cultivate their souls. They still hunt down their every desire and gather in any passing emotion while wandering aimlessly from thought to thought. This is your great opportunity! Teach them how to grow their emotions, to sacrifice desires, to woo their own feelings — and you’ll be loved and famous again!


2 Comments to “A new moon”

  1. Lovely, again, with a trace of humor in a good dosis, which distinguishes your stories. You see, you do not need the word “prophet” after all ;).

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