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November 24, 2012

From Freud and his uncountable children i learned the abiding power of myths and just-so stories: how their newfangled tales have transformed our souls just as profoundly as their more primitive forerunners once coaxed our ur-parents out of less human natures!

November 22, 2012

Individualism and nuclear families prevent people from achieving economies of scale in housing, child rearing and consumption; and so they remain dependent on a continuous flow of income (poor).

November 20, 2012

The middle class is encouraged to waste its income on consumption (cars, vacations, etc.) and dubious investments (houses), so it never accumulates wealth and remains forever dependent (unfree).

November 14, 2012

The wisdom of butchers

Sigmund Freud fled downstairs to see his friend the butcher after yet another heated argument with his father. “How do you manage to be so benevolent towards everyone all the time?” asked the analyst.  “It’s quite easy”, replied the butcher: “Whenever someone rushes at me with a demand, i never resist head-on, but simply pivot to the side. I find the spot where our interests meet and then position myself to make the most of it.” Seeing the dumbfounded look on Sigmund’s face, the butcher continued: “It is like carving. I never hack at the bone: that dulls my knife and sends splinters through the meat. Instead, i look for the articulation to find the easiest cut, and if i cannot make it from where i stand, i move ‘round ‘til the spot is within reach, then i slice through almost nothing, and poof!, the piece falls off of its own accord.”

November 11, 2012

A parable of talents

A young couple had joined an early pollykaryote*, but wanting no children though fearing for their investment, they convinced their fellow members to adopt talented orphans and pay for their education in the hope they would in time strengthen the polity.

The first studied sociology and over the years proposed changes to the pollykaryote’s code that increased its cohesiveness and economic defenses to the point that its wealth grew ten-fold. The second studied engineering and then business, returning well over five times what es schools had cost.

The last had wanted to become a doctor, but gradually became lazy and eventually failed es final examinations. The couple summoned the orphan and berated e: “We paid for your entire education and you couldn’t even graduate. What ever happened?” The youth answered through clenched teeth: “I knew you were selfish and only funded my studies to ensure your own financial success, so i became resentful and lost heart.” The couple replied: “If you knew we were selfish, you should at least have worked to pass your exams and repay your debt. Now you will never be received into the safety of our polity, but will instead be cast out with nothing at all into the uncaring world where we found you.”

November 10, 2012

Do not interpret magic as tricky illusions, (impossible) supernatural events or psychological manipulation — those are but the lazy dismissals of a self-sure science. Magic does not split the world into individuals as we now do; it is a newly alien, metaphysical claim with practical, human implications.