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January 26, 2014

From Bruno Snell i learned: Athena really did yank Achilles by the hair, for all he knew. That we, moderns, can no longer grasp such things makes us in no wise Homer’s equals, but reckless fools, which leads me to an overwhelming question…

January 1, 2014

Fait divers

Earlier this week a woman was found hanged in a bedroom at her home, a presumed suicide. Her husband had been killed during a mugging many years earlier, but she had remarried and was living with her second husband and their only child. Neither father nor daughter have yet been located by the police, though at least one of them is thought to have fled the scene wounded, as traces of blood were found in the kitchen and out the back door. The official investigation has uncovered an earlier child from the first marriage which had been given up for adoption at birth. A medical report at the time had identified genetic markers for anti-social behavior, and since the mother was depressive and the father had once killed a man in a brawl, they feared they might foster the child’s criminal tendencies. Unfortunately the adoption process was never completed, and the boy became a ward of the state. He was arrested for a number of petty crimes and a presumed murder but was never convicted. After training as an auto mechanic, he eventually settled down and married one of his clients, a widow….