Surely i too am Othello—blind to a fault?

Surely i too am Othello, blinded — but what by?


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  1. How about starting describing the “that” of the blindness, which may take you to the roots, and if so, make you change them, both the roots and the blindness? Maybe there is no one or nothing blinding us, but we make our awkward steps on the path we, blind or not, cannot see.

  2. But how can i, if i don’t know what blinds me?

  3. Well, hopefully we become less and less blind in life (a kind of Bildungsroman our life whatever our path is)…so while this happens and so that it happens we start talking (about the “that” of our blindness) and focus on what we say, the way we say it, where we pause etc. And perhaps we can thereby invite what we “don’t know” or have not recognised so far. Not to do with analysts. Good ears, ours or our friends’ are sufficient for the “expedition”. I think that love can help us not only see our blindness, certain kinds, but even overcome it. Also beyond strictly minded rationality: If someone believes in God, he kneels and prays and asks for mercy and better “understanding” of himself. This may go for days, months and even years. The blessing and the understanding (one way or another) occur when time comes not when we define it as our right time, but definitely when we aim at it, fervently and all way long. And you do.
    If I might say so myself: Do not try to become all too ambiguous in your writing. It somehow reduces your strength. Do not be afraid of your thinking being “grasped”. Do not try to escape and flee; no reason perhaps (?). By the way, I found your comment on Dennett strong: it was like reading David Hume.

  4. You are not wrong. I am certainly hermetic to a fault, and it is fueled as you rightly guess by fear of being understood and proven wrong. Thank you. I will not dispute the ability of love and friendship to dispel blindnesses, though the ones that worry me the most, are those things all humans so far have failed to see, those of the grand metaphysical sort. I’ll try to use more words and use them more clearly next time i worry about such large things.

  5. Communication helps: the development of our ideas and us. Chat about ideas instead of waiting till they become the great plans and large revelations. Help in the most kind and appropriate way your beloved ones to see, and, in this way, you help humanity, and you are helped at the same time. It could be sth. metaphysical about the nature and experience of time, for instance.
    Linguistic footnote: Language like “all humans have failed to see so far” conceals an apocalyptic touch: too heavy to carry for a role, and anyway who can see the whole and consider all human beings in order to speak like that? Do not write or read. Communicate, if you allow me to say what spontaneously comes up in my mind. And then write.

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