A new philosophical language

I’ve long been unhappy with my abilities to formulate my ideas in an appropriate medium. I’m not an academic, and have no desire to write footnoted articles or monographs. I’m also certainly no novelist à la Ayn Rand or Iris Murdoch, nor have my attempts at blog-sized aphoristic thinking risen up to their Nietzschean-Wittgensteinian models. Moreover, none of those formats provides helpful tools for gradually digging into the nitty-gritty of an idea. Natural languages tend to be fuzzy. So, i’ve decided to try out a new language and method: i’ll be programming. Specifically, i will be writing a first draft of an application that would form the underlying structure of a pollyty. This should allow me to formulate explicitly and exactly what i mean, while at the same time being able to confront it with the practical messiness of reality. In a broad sense, i’m hoping i can describe a possible political system that can be experimentally verified.

In parallel to my new coding enterprise, i will begin to post technical issues i encounter on this new blog, while this here old blog will morph into a philosophical commentary on the details of how the application will have to implement the as yet somewhat amorphous idea of a pollyty.


One Comment to “A new philosophical language”

  1. A pity! You are M. a la M., producing some lines that have no need to fall under a category. Be well! G.

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