Analogies: walled cities

A walled city — be it Jericho, Athens, Rome or Florence — allows those who live in violent lands to pool their defensive efforts by agreeing to labor (or taxes) and laws that will afford the construction of a rampart and then man and maintain it thereafter. This reduces enemy raids on inhabitants’ homes; they do not die as often by the sword, are not sold into slavery, and needn’t watch their houses and possessions burn. They are hence freer, wealthier, and perhaps even happier.

A pollyty is like a walled city, only the marauding it abates is now but financial, and the barbarian at its gate incorporated.

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4 Comments to “Analogies: walled cities”

  1. dont exhaust yourself. take it easy 🙂

  2. I see. We know that a mind that “devours” thoughts and is transformed through this process needs breaks, not from being busy, but from this process itself. Enjoy your leisure and the breathing breaks 🙂

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