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March 23, 2013

It is (almost) always wrong to be cruel, as it (almost) always favors such emotions as will trip you into deeds you’ll regret.

May 11, 2008

wittgensteinian thoughts on evil

Do you know you just became evil like an unbeliever knows he just became christian?

–Where does evil begin?
–Do not ask that question. Ask: When did we begin speaking of evil?

“Evil is a destroying of the good” — What is the cash value of that statement?

Imagine a robot programmed to shoot and kill human beings. Is this object evil or is it just bad?

May 11, 2008

on the origin of good and evil

Do not ask: Unde malum? but: Unde malum atque bonum?

There is no good reason to assume that the world is good and then ask how evil came to it. The greater mytery is whence our concepts of good and evil came from. One simply explanation is evolutionary: one day, someone came up with the word “good” and said to her friend, pointing at a berry: “good!” and pointing at another, poisonous one: “bad!”. Humans suddenly had a means of structuring their social interactions, of getting one another to do things by talking to them. The invention of the words “good” and “bad” or “evil” was a revolution, like the invention of agriculture or electric power.