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August 7, 2014

Is tragedy only possible at brief moments in time when we’ve conceived some newfangled freedom, but are yet unable to seize it?

November 20, 2012

The middle class is encouraged to waste its income on consumption (cars, vacations, etc.) and dubious investments (houses), so it never accumulates wealth and remains forever dependent (unfree).

August 4, 2012

Freedom squared

Imagine we elected not only lawmakers, but others who’d improve how those laws were made.

Imagine companies that produce no goods and services but better, wiser companies instead.

Imagine that your mind could not only steer itself, but also understand where it might be heading.

What if you could direct the attentions of your feelings, not they choose the objects of yours?

What if owning money itself had a price, paid to all those who agreed that you could?

What if every government were also governed from below?

May 28, 2012

The god game

What is a god but e who always sees the best move, and plays it?

Two brothers fell madly in love with freedom and would not rest until they had explored its furthest reaches. They swore to a game for the rest of their lives: each would manipulate the other in ever more subtle and invisible ways, forcing his brother to delve even deeper into the darkest sources of his actions and desires, extending his knowledge and self to the infinity beyond which his opponent might not reach. The sport had no end, but soon the two brothers had become gods among men, and the world’s only defense to join their play.

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February 13, 2011

A good golden idol

A wealthy man purchased a small statue made of solid gold and began to worship it. His neighbor reproached him: “What have you done?! You used to be free and now you must serve this piece of metal you bought for yourself!” But the first man replied: “No — yesterday this idol was hidden within my heart and dictated everything i did; now i worship a visible object and only grant it a few minutes of my time every day. I am more free than i ever was!”

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