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May 31, 2015

Old remedies

When Elijah returns, surely he will cry out:

Hear me, you proud moderns,
listen to age-old wisdom:
Your knowledge is polluted,
your science biased!

Markets and money, they
alone are free; your proofs
and baubles — you serve them.
See how they blind you!

Here is a greater technology,
a science of sciences: Purify
doubtful tech with indifference;
flee from all soiled, partial truths;

do not mix science and money;
sacrifice all useless things!
Then you will manufacture
wisdom, and know happiness.

March 9, 2015

Lord God, do not disappear
until we have learned to replace
you. Teach us, we pray: What is better
than seeking your face? — Then
we may find you once more.

January 22, 2015


Must i beg you into existence?
Have you vanished out of spite?
Or do you still relish sacrifice,
insist on a bit of faith? Perhaps
you are deaf, or gone to pee.
Here i lay dying, and you taunt
me—with silence!

Do not presume to know me:
I am not the god of your fathers,
nor will i trade life for faith.
I will save you,
and shatter your existence;
I will grant you joy and peace,
by destroying your mind.
I am the god you crave
but cannot bear; for now
I will kill you, kindly, and transform you,
and be.

January 14, 2015

The huckster’s psalm

If faith could create
just enough god to save me —
would you lend me that faith,
friend, before i create…?

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January 11, 2015

A psalm of existential commerce

Just lend me joy enough
to live another day;
i will then repay you,
my friend, with life.

January 2, 2015

If God is a fulcrum outside of the self (though perhaps not the mind), then prayers might in fact just be levers of the Archimedean kind. (Please forgive the antiquating rhyme.)

December 29, 2014

Do not dismiss the miraculous powers of olden gods; for such beings never existed, and yet those who believed in them were still transformed.

October 21, 2012

From Quentin Meillassoux’s Après la finitude: Essai sur la nécessité de la contingence i learned that the laws of science mightn’t be as strict as i had once imagined, but could instead prove to be approximate, superficial explanations that should soon give way to an infinitely stranger world, one out of which, pace the genius philosophe, something like gods might reappear to enchant us.

June 9, 2012

An allegory of the Christian faith

Your soul must accept that it was conceived and birthed in your body, through language or culture, by an alien power. It has grown up, becoming strong and knowledgeable, having learned to live well in this world. But now it must die. It must submit to the will of its creator and be violently torn from all its desires, emotions, feelings, wills and thoughts, from everything it was. It must pass through the excruciating pain of surrendering its own craven existence and agree to be destroyed. When its final clinging fear has been crucified, when it has lain dead and absolutely empty, then it will be raised up by the same power that created it. And so it will realize that you are the multitude that conceived your soul and at the same time its newest member: a liberated, immensely more powerful person.

May 28, 2012

The god game

What is a god but e who always sees the best move, and plays it?

Two brothers fell madly in love with freedom and would not rest until they had explored its furthest reaches. They swore to a game for the rest of their lives: each would manipulate the other in ever more subtle and invisible ways, forcing his brother to delve even deeper into the darkest sources of his actions and desires, extending his knowledge and self to the infinity beyond which his opponent might not reach. The sport had no end, but soon the two brothers had become gods among men, and the world’s only defense to join their play.

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