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March 9, 2012

Short sermon on a mount-like structure

The prophet climbed a few stairs and, turning towards the street, said:

Woe unto you scientists for your blind pride!
__You love knowledge more than life itself.
Woe unto you social activists for seeking but yesterday’s justice:
__You smother the needy with ill-conceived compassion.
Woe unto you democrats in crumbling institutions,
__for you are slaves to old & impotent ideas.
Woe unto you economists,
__for you can think of nothing better than money.

Blessed are you selfish entrepreneurs,
__for you lift up the poor without loving them.
Blessed are those who will not vote,
__for they still have hope!
Blessed are the idle,
__for they value time.
Blessed are you who still believe in some god,
__for you at least know mysteries!

December 18, 2011

There probably is no God; but there might be something very much like him.

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October 3, 2011

Moral and cosmological atheism

In looking for alternatives to the God/no God dillema, we should distinguish between its moral and cosmological aspects, whose solutions might be independent and perhaps even opposite.

Science strives to be methodologically atheist. The cosmological half of this effort has proven a resounding success, its moral half a terrifying failure.

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August 28, 2011

After many fruitless attempts at explaining why people were wrong to use the word god as they did, and tiring of answering their questions as to whether he really did in the end believe or not in god, Chouang Tseu decided to tell the following story:

An atheist and a christian fell madly in love and decided to marry. They were very happy together, but though they shared an interest in many similar activities, they could never agree on the problem of god and argued through many nights exhausting themselves into the wee hours of the morning. So one day they said: we cannot agree on the existence of god, nor can either of us understand why the other so vehemently holds to the position e does. Let us have a child, both of us will teach e what we believe, and whatever conclusion the child eventually comes to, that will be the better truth.

So they gave birth to an infant and each parent spent much time with the child talking, reading and answering questions about god. On e’s eighteenth birthday both parents sat down with their child and asked e: so, now that you’ve grown up understanding both views of god, please tell us, which is right: is there a god or not? The teenager paused for a long while and then answered: you are both wrong, but you were right in what you did. Now i see with two eyes, whereas both of you had only one. And i see that your problem was never the existence of god, but god eself: there is no god such as either of you describe e, for everyone of your descriptions were always woefully inadequate, like the pictures i used to draw which no one could make out. Nevertheless, god is the most powerful word you ever taught me. It fueled both of your lives, and now it fuels mine; only i can use it much more effectively than either of you ever could, because i have learned never to dull it by pinning it down.

February 13, 2011

A good golden idol

A wealthy man purchased a small statue made of solid gold and began to worship it. His neighbor reproached him: “What have you done?! You used to be free and now you must serve this piece of metal you bought for yourself!” But the first man replied: “No — yesterday this idol was hidden within my heart and dictated everything i did; now i worship a visible object and only grant it a few minutes of my time every day. I am more free than i ever was!”

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February 12, 2011

Poor preaching

The scientist Dawkins was strolling down the road when he saw a youth sitting under a chestnut tree gleefully singing at the top of es lungs, “Oh God, how great you are! You have saved us from our sins!”

Leaning down with his hands on his knees, Dawkins explained to the youth that God did not exist and that the world was all there is. Despondent, the youth stopped singing and teary eyed said, “Then there is no hope!”

“Of course there still is hope, responded Dawkins, it is just that God cannot provide it.” But the youth would not be consoled, so Dawkins gave up and continued on his way.

Further along, Dawkins heard singing once more and saw another youth dancing wildly on the side of the road: “Oh God, how wonderful you are! You created us with your mighty hand!”

Leaning towards him, the scientist Dawkins once again explained that there was no God, and that humans existed only because of blind evolution. The youth scratched es head, but after a moment of silence e resumed es joyous singing, “Oh world, my God, how wonderful you are! You generated us through your blind evolution!”

Disgruntled and weary, Dawkins sighed and continued on his way.


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January 28, 2011

An (un-)godly exercise

Here is an exercise i like to practice, a metaphysical exercise: sometimes understand the world as having no gods, as a self-contained existence, perhaps pointless; but at other times try to understand how there could be a god, how god might stand outside our world and transform it. Stretch your mind until it can encompass both truths, until it finally understands how both are also wrong. Then perhaps you might be free enough to imagine deeper truths.


May 11, 2008

wittengsteinian thought on the existence of god

A: God does not exist.
B: Which god?
A: No gods exist.
B: True, God is beyond existence.
A: There are no supernatural beings.
B: Indeed, God is more natural than nature itself.
A: Hrmf.