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May 31, 2015

Old remedies

When Elijah returns, surely he will cry out:

Hear me, you proud moderns,
listen to age-old wisdom:
Your knowledge is polluted,
your science biased!

Markets and money, they
alone are free; your proofs
and baubles — you serve them.
See how they blind you!

Here is a greater technology,
a science of sciences: Purify
doubtful tech with indifference;
flee from all soiled, partial truths;

do not mix science and money;
sacrifice all useless things!
Then you will manufacture
wisdom, and know happiness.

January 11, 2015

A psalm of existential commerce

Just lend me joy enough
to live another day;
i will then repay you,
my friend, with life.

August 7, 2014

From the Buddha i have yet to learn: there is a way out of suffering.

March 12, 2012

Under the influence

Dawkins was having a late breakfast with his friend D. and told him about a recurring dream that had been troubling him:

I have just finished an event for my new book at a local shop and we are sitting with some friends in a pub close by when a stunningly beautiful woman walks up to our table, asking if i would sign the book she has just bought:
“I’m sorry i was late and missed your talk, but would you be so kind as to sign this for my husband? He is a great fan of yours and has faithfully read everything you’ve published. A perfectly rational and logical person — and you are his greatest influence!”
Seeing a large cross dangling from her bare neck, and perhaps because i have just downed a pint on a mostly empty stomach, i retort:
“That must make things difficult in your couple!”
Not skipping a beat, the woman invariably replies:
“Oh, not at all. We are quite happy. I always offer him just enough data for his mind to arrive at a desirable conclusion.”

December 24, 2011

Saturday mornings

Saturday mornings i like to lie in bed and smile until everything past has become unimportant and i happy.

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