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May 31, 2015

Old remedies

When Elijah returns, surely he will cry out:

Hear me, you proud moderns,
listen to age-old wisdom:
Your knowledge is polluted,
your science biased!

Markets and money, they
alone are free; your proofs
and baubles — you serve them.
See how they blind you!

Here is a greater technology,
a science of sciences: Purify
doubtful tech with indifference;
flee from all soiled, partial truths;

do not mix science and money;
sacrifice all useless things!
Then you will manufacture
wisdom, and know happiness.

November 22, 2014

La future monnaie

Perhaps, when Elijah returns as promised, he will stand outside our stores with a handful of pebbles and pay us to buy nothing. When we object that a pebble is worthless, he might well answer: “I brought them from the future. Each one will buy you a little bit of time.” Would that be just enough to save us?

November 20, 2012

The middle class is encouraged to waste its income on consumption (cars, vacations, etc.) and dubious investments (houses), so it never accumulates wealth and remains forever dependent (unfree).

October 31, 2012

Paying for property rights

The more money one has, the easier it becomes to accumulate even more. The poor can barely keep hold of the little they have, so easily it slips through their fingers. Unchecked, wealth gravitates into ever fewer and larger piles. There must be some way to reverse this trend.

What if we were only taxed on the proportion of society’s wealth to which we laid claim? What if we forfeited all rights to whatever we refused to declare?

(In a country where the government spent 6 trillion and the top 1% of a population of 300 million owned 50% of the nation’s money and property, those 3 million would pay on average 1,000,000 in taxes, the other 99% would pay approximately 10,000 each, some more and many almost nothing, of course.)

October 31, 2012

Un pour tous et tous pour un

The first pollykaryote arose quite by chance. Someone had started a co-operative insurance group with es neighbors so they could protect one another from foreclosures. Needing a constitution of sorts, they had found a set of governance rules online which looked to do the trick. But as it turned out, there lay a clause somewhere in that code stipulating that any section could be changed, added or removed on a vote. Naturally, members began to suggest new uses for their polity, slowly shifting, nudging, extending its initial function. As it matured and friends or neighbors asked to join, the leaderless society swelled beyond its earlier, more manageable size, and so, after much deliberation and a vote, it split in two.

August 4, 2012

Freedom squared

Imagine we elected not only lawmakers, but others who’d improve how those laws were made.

Imagine companies that produce no goods and services but better, wiser companies instead.

Imagine that your mind could not only steer itself, but also understand where it might be heading.

What if you could direct the attentions of your feelings, not they choose the objects of yours?

What if owning money itself had a price, paid to all those who agreed that you could?

What if every government were also governed from below?

August 2, 2012

Imagine wealth inversely proportional to power. Try.

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April 17, 2012


The prophet said:

On Mondays i spend no money;
Tuesday i touch no gadget;
Wednesdays i fast and
Thursday i stay at home.
On Fridays i follow no rules,
but the next day i keep them all,
then on Sunday i rest.

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March 9, 2012

Short sermon on a mount-like structure

The prophet climbed a few stairs and, turning towards the street, said:

Woe unto you scientists for your blind pride!
__You love knowledge more than life itself.
Woe unto you social activists for seeking but yesterday’s justice:
__You smother the needy with ill-conceived compassion.
Woe unto you democrats in crumbling institutions,
__for you are slaves to old & impotent ideas.
Woe unto you economists,
__for you can think of nothing better than money.

Blessed are you selfish entrepreneurs,
__for you lift up the poor without loving them.
Blessed are those who will not vote,
__for they still have hope!
Blessed are the idle,
__for they value time.
Blessed are you who still believe in some god,
__for you at least know mysteries!