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March 28, 2015

The Buddha has said: “Even the gods are subject to samsara.” But i say unto you: even our scientists and their truths are in thrall to reckless world views. (They know not how to find the truths that are best for us.)

December 9, 2012

There might be one truth, but i’d rather approach it always from two directions.

November 10, 2012

Do not interpret magic as tricky illusions, (impossible) supernatural events or psychological manipulation — those are but the lazy dismissals of a self-sure science. Magic does not split the world into individuals as we now do; it is a newly alien, metaphysical claim with practical, human implications.

October 17, 2012

Religio delenda est

Having arrived at the end of his career, Prof. Dawkins became so distraught at his failure to achieve his life’s goal — totally eradicating all religions — that he finally resorted to consulting someone on the matter. 

Someone: What are these religions you want so desperately to eliminate?

Prof. Dawkins: Those that are poisoning the world with their outdated moralities and destructive certainties! Those that brainwash children and the weak minded into believing in some future paradise, so they will blow themselves up for a stupid lie. Those who preposterously claim to know all truth about everything because it was written down ages ago in some book. The preachers who tell stories about God creating the universe six thousand years ago, and who will end up destroying it sooner than that with their pointless wars!

Someone: I see your problem.

Prof. Dawkins: What is it? Tell me!

Someone: You are fighting the wrong battle; religion is in fact much more pervasive and pernicious than even you realize. These movements you speak of are already old and dying; the kind of religion you should be worrying about has already moved on and found a new, much healthier host!

Prof. Dawkins: I don’t see what you mean.

Someone: The new religious attitude is much more sophisticated, and already so deeply entrenched that few can recognize it any more, though some may discern it when the right parallels are drawn. This higher form of religion has no morality at all; it claims that such is not its business. Neither does it make much by way of specific predictions about the future — and yet it still gives people the means to blow themselves up, millions at a time! It also claims to be the source of all truth, its adherents supposedly possessing the one and only method for accessing that truth; while its preachers tell stories about how the universe and life began, adding a few zeroes and despair to the older religions’ tales. And now it, too, finally appears poised to transform our planet into a rather inhospitable place.

Prof. Dawkins: But science is true, and scientists can’t be held responsible for what engineers and politicians do with their discoveries!

October 29, 2011

Slices of reality

We live, think and act inside thin slices of reality. Another slice, intersecting at an angle the exact point where i now exist, might look entirely different from the ones i am used to. Its truths and goods will seem like foolish errors, if they are even comprehensible. We must learn to travel between these slices of our reality, speaking of one truth with opposite words.

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September 9, 2011

A tiresome argument

Dawkins was vacationing on the seaside with a few friends. They had been arguing about the truth of science all afternoon, one renegade stubbornly maintaining that no matter how correct science proved, it might still be blindly heading in the wrong direction: somehow it might be finding the wrong set of truths. Annoyed, the great scientist plodded out into the water for a swim. As it began to get dark he turned back and made for the shore, but the second leg somehow proved much slower going. Exhausted, he finally made it to shore, but he had drifted far away from where he had set off. His friends ran down to him and asked what had happened. Panting, Dawkins answered: “Some kind of current was pushing me, and no matter how hard i swam against it, i couldn’t break free.”